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WIFI Led strip SMD 2835/5050 RGB led light with remote control + power supply


Product Features:

1. Superb Right 2835/5050 SMD LED, High Intensity and Reliable.

2. Long life 50,000 hours

3. Continue length, packed with 5 meters.

4. Ribbon Flexible curve around curves

5. Fully smooth and even diffuse light, solving the uneven light problem

6. Ultra-bright but working at insufficient temperature

7. Low power consumption


1. Ideal for decoration of construction lines, landscape lighting, theme entertainment,

2. Holiday sculpture of light, decorative figure, active signs, displays, showcases

3. And showcases, bar, disco, street, sidewalk, bridge, park, porch, staircase, railing, ceiling, ovialetto.

2835 without white color

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    It is good order :) thank you
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